Postgraduate Program (MSc)

Basic Biomedical Sciences


The initial thought for the creation of the 3 specializations came after a thorough examination of the fields developed in the field of Biomedicine at a global level. Then, the accumulation of scientists and research knowledge in the laboratories and the taught courses of Medicine and other Departments (BET, Chemist) that were generally related to the field of Biomedicine and contributed to it was examined in detail. The presence of more than 300 scientists led us to the selection of 60 Teachers and the creation of 3 specializations that could easily be supported.

Each specialization includes all those disciplines that intertwine and complement each other in order to understand the biological pathways for the treatment of basic and incurable human diseases.

The program aims to train scientists-researchers in the field of basic biomedical studies.

Γενετική-Κυτταρογενετική-Γενετική Επιδημιολογία
Cytogenetics-Genetic Epidemiology
Βλαστικά κύτταρα-Γονιδιακή-Κυτταρική θεραπεία (Αναγεννητική Ιατρική)
Stem cells-Gene-Cell therapy (Regenerative Medicine)
Εφαρμοσμένη Βιοϊατρική (Κλινική Χημεία, Μικροβιολογία Φαρμακολογία)
Applied Biomedicine (Clinical Chemistry, Microbiology Pharmacology)