Postgraduate Program (MSc)

Basic Biomedical Sciences


Research Grant

In 2016, the then-Director Prof. Angelidis successfully applied for an equipment and facilities grant (23/8/2016) in support of the Master course entitled Postgraduate Program of Basic Biomedical Sciences, which was funded with the amount of 35,000 Euro.

The equipment acquired for the PPS BBS is shown below:

  1. Laminar flow chamber CO2 incubator chamber
  2. 2 fridge-freezers (+4οC) 1 freezer (-30oC)
  3. Reverse microscope with photography system
  4. PCR device
  5. 2 Photonic microscopes
  6. Table refrigerated centrifuge.
  7. 2 automatically rechargeable pipettes
  8. Liquid Nitrogen Container with tabs

The above equipment belongs to the PPS BBS, is used for the practice of postgraduate students and has been placed in the Biology-Lab, of Faculty of Medicine.